February 19, 2021.
written by: Karolina Bialkowska, Impact Events

You’ve been planning for your wedding since you were five. You’ve got the caterer secured, tasted the menus, ordered the flowers, picked out the colour scheme, and made sure that the seating plan is up-to-date.

And kudos to you – that’s a big job. You’re probably thinking – ok, I’ve got this, I don’t need a day-of planner.

 But what if something goes wrong while you’re sipping champagne with your bridesmaids on your wedding day?

What if the bar forgot to bring ice and your dad has to drive to the grocery store instead of enjoying his child’s wedding?

 And how will you know you’ve got absolutely everything covered before the big day (liquor license, parking permits, enough napkins for the hors d’oevres)?

 Here’s the thing – ‘day of’ planner is a misnomer. Day-of planners actually step in weeks before the big day to make sure all the bits and bobs, details, and unknowns are taken care of so you can enjoy your bachelorette bridal shower, and time alone with your fiancée with zero stress. 

 With a day-of planner you’ll know all the details are in place when the big day comes around. After a month of prep, the planner swoops in with his/her team to make sure that you (and your loved ones) don’t have to think about if the caterer or the cake has arrived on time or if the sound system works.  Your mom and dad, sister or brother, or whatever guests you’ve invited, want to and deserve to enjoy your happiness and celebrate with you. Plus, who wants to sweat through their wedding dress? 

 Do you want to miss out on your dream wedding (or have your mom miss out on it) because you’re worried about setting the cutlery? Or do you want to fully be present and enjoy the most magical and romantic night of your life (and have a glass of wine or two, carefree)?

 Here are five reasons you NEED a Day-of Planner (and a good one, at that!).

  1.     Cost Savings: Your wedding planner knows where to spend the big bucks, and where you can save a couple. They know the best packages from the vendors you’re working with and they know where to beef up the contract and where you can skimp.
  2.     Emergencies! You (and your family) have been waiting for this your WHOLE LIFE. Everyone deserves to enjoy the food, have a drink, and watch their little boy or girl celebrate their marriage. You should not be running around in a wedding dress looking for dessert plates, and your mom should not be getting in the car halfway through cocktail hour to get ice. Leave the day of emergencies to the professionals and give yourself, and those closest to you, the space to feel the joy.
  3.     Scheduling: Day-of planners are PROS at making sure the wedding day goes smoothly – they know exactly how much time everything takes, where the delays will be, and how to manage them. 
  4.     Missing pieces: 4 weeks before the wedding and you didn’t realize you needed to get a liquor license to serve champagne (or any drinks) at the venue. A wedding planner will know what to check, and what last minute details to take care of, so that you don’t have to serve juice with the tartare. 
  5.     Pre- and Post- Care: Your planner will do the final site visit with you and will ensure everything works. Some will plan and run your rehearsal dinner, arrange for gift collection at the end of the wedding, organize your romantic hotel stay after the wedding, and make sure you have a limo to get you there. Most of all? They’ll take over as the point of contact before and after the wedding so that you don’t have to deal with invoices, emails, and questions. Peace of mind is priceless – and so is your happiness.

Worried about the budget? Trust us when we say the biggest myth about day-of wedding coordinators is that you don’t need one. The peace of mind and TIME to enjoy your own wedding is something you can’t put a price on (and something you can’t get back).