If the pandemic has inspired one thing, it’s ingenuity and innovation. And while weddings might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of innovation; wedding and event planners have had to do a LOT more pivoting and ‘on-their-feet’ thinking than many other industries, faced with some of the longest running restrictions.

While big weddings were cancelled everywhere, there was a silver lining. The beauty of the whole thing is that couples that might have felt forced into giant grandiose weddings before now have a really good excuse to downsize and focus on what they valued most: their love.

With the new demand for more choices came new, innovative, and beautiful alternatives to the traditional church pew, 200 person, sit-down-dinner wedding.

Introducing new ways of doing elopements and micro-weddings.

Many planners, us included, have designed completely new packages for couples to take advantage of small events, beautiful landscapes, and fully planned micro weddings.

Some event planners (us included) have gone ahead and developed their own packages for micro weddings. Micro-wedding packages are designed for those couples that crave small intimate affairs or that don’t want to plan for a big wedding in case the pandemic shatters their visions (like it has so many). These packages may include venue, photographer, caterer/appies, décor, officiant, and sometimes champagne and cake. Often these packages are only available for 10-25 or 30 ppl but are perfect for small family affairs. They can be located at beautiful venues that aren’t available for larger weddings (think private lakeside residences or vineyards in our packages) and make for a stunning, unique, intimate experience.

Other planners have developed special elopement packages that are designed for 2-4ppl. These private ceremonies take the privacy of a traditional “let’s runaway and get married” elopement but they give it the romance, glamour, and the flair often reserved for well-planned larger weddings. This can include a custom chosen stunning location with a beautifully designed mini-altar to say your vows, a picnic, a mini-photo shoot, champagne and bubbles, charcuterie or dessert, and transportation to and from the elopement spot. The best part? You can wear your dress, get all gussied up, but skip all the guests and just gaze into each other’s eyes, enjoying all the extras without all the, well, extra.

If you’d like to know about the options we have for small elopements, micro-weddings, or other wedding packages, just ask! We are happy to share with you the unique and romantic options we’ve designed for this season. We anticipate that these new trends will only stick around and become more popular as people realize that they can have all the romance they’ve dreamed of, without the guest list of their nightmares! Whatever your style – we’ve got you covered. Read more tips on planning events here, or Email us at info@impactevents.ca!