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Dine Around, Sip and Stay 2021

Building on the success of our previous event (known as Dine Around Thompson Okanagan), the BCRFA and Impact Events is once again coordinating the popular Dine Around events from January 14 – February 7, 2021. We thank the Wines of British Columbia for being our presenting sponsor for our 2021 event.

Dine Around, Sip and Stay is a food festival where participating restaurants offer three course menus at set prices, $15, $25, $35, $45 or $55 per person (excludes beverages, tax, service) giving locals and visitors the chance to channel their inner foodie, try new menu items or a new restaurant.

We are pleased to be expanding our program to include more communities. In 2021 we will also be including restaurants in Delta, the Kootenays, and Thompson-Nicola regions of BC, alongside the previous participating Okanagan-Similkameen region and Prince George.

In addition to expanding our province wide promotion we are also encouraging guests to stay safe and travel within the province with a Dine Around, Sip and Stay Campaign. We are working with area hotels to offer accommodation packages for those visiting their favourite cities in the province and make a weekend out of exploring British Columbia.

Effectively Managing Your Online Business.

Congratulations you’ve created an online business and ventured into the world of e-commerce. Whether this is a brand new venture for you or you had a retail store that you have recently taken online because COVID-19 forced you to pivot your business model you are now part of the millions of online businesses.

It can seem a bit overwhelming, we understand this. Not only do you have to manage filling orders, which may be just you because of staff layoffs but you also have to figure out where to promote your business, how to promote your products, what content to share and most importantly how to get the orders rolling in… NOW.

We have brought together an all female 1/2 day workshop that will help you. They’ll share their failures, their successes, experiences with clients, their own businesses and help start to get your brain thinking where to focus your energy and help you set goals and expectations. All of this to help you get your e-store orders going.

We are going to cover the following four topics:
E-commerce Websites
Digital Marketing
Crisis Communication & Issues Management

Agenda: 2020
please note all times are in Pacific Standard Time

8:30am.   Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:45am.   Maximizing Your Digital Marketing
9:30am.   Photography That Matters
10:15am. Turn Your Leads Into Sales
11:00am. Crisis Communications & Issues Management
11:45am. The 5 Essential Elements Your E-commerce Site Needs to Increase Sales


Lindsay Stilborn
The Social Connection

The 5 Essential Elements Your Ecommerce Site Needs To Increase Sales
Just setting up a website isn’t enough any more.  The truth is our websites need to be our best sales person, especially if right now. Currently website traffic is rivaling the traffic seen on Black Friday & Cyber Monday.  Learn the 5 Key elements your eCommerce store needs to have to maximize your sales.

About Lindsay.
Lindsay has been in the online marketing space for over a decade, and worked for Shopify as one of their Gurus.  During her time at Shopify Lindsay worked with hundreds of websites and store owners that were struggling with how to get traffic and sales to their websites.  Even if you are not using a Shopify site the tips she will share are applicable to any eCommerce website.  



Ashley Duggan
Keylight Photography

Photography That Matters
Don’t rely on stock photography for your website and social feeds!  Tell your story, build trust with your followers and get more customers with your own imagery.  In this workshop you will learn 
3 simple but effective steps to creating unique and eye-catching images for your social media feeds & website with just your cell phone!

About Ashley.
Ashley enrolled in the Professional Photographic Imaging Program at Langara College in Vancouver and completed my Diploma.  Once back in the Okanagan, I started up my first “real” business and opened up the doors of Keylight Photography in 2008. Now over 10 years have passed and I can truly say, I LOVE my “job “.  Being able to combine my passion for creativity and business is a dream come true.  I would love to support your dream or business vision, and it would be an honour to shoot for you.



Leah Mazur
Loop Digital

Maximizing Your Digital Marketing

When used right, Facebook and Instagram ads can be a small business owner’s secret weapon. You can reach a large, targeted audience of potential customers without needing to invest a large budget. The pandemic has caused a lot of disruption for businesses, and as we start adjusting to our new world with Covid, advertising is one of the best ways to get the word out about the changes in your business and kick start an increase in sales.  In this session, we’ll cover how to use ads to reach the people that want to hear from you most and make it crystal clear how they can buy from you.

About Leah.
Leah has worked in digital marketing for 9 years, including being a data analyst for Canada’s largest Facebook advertising company, analyzing millions of dollars of ad spend. In 2017, she launched Loop Digital, her own consulting business and now spends her time creating and executing advertising strategies for a wide variety of clients. Leah has taught digital marketing at McGill University as well as at many workshops and events across Canada.


Jessica Samuels

Crisis Communications & Issues Management
Setting yourself and your business up for handling challenges in communications starts long before the actual issue arises. It actually doesn’t even start with communications. In this workshop you will learn that when you truly understand who you and your company are and what you stand for, at your core, it will help you find the right words to navigate through difficult communications.

About Jessica.
Jessica Samuels is a seasoned communicator who has almost two decades of experience in storytelling and engaging diverse audiences. In her role as Communications Manager, Jessica is responsible for sharing information about CMHA Kelowna’s programs, services and resources as well as overall organizational key messages with internal and external stakeholders in order increase awareness and understanding. Jessica utilizes her skills in public and media relations, marketing, and digital communications to achieve CMHA Kelowna’s mission of mental health for all.

Katie Momo


Turn Your Leads Into Sales
Your customers are spending a record amount of time on social, so meet them where they’re already spending time (and money!) Discover what to post on social media to jumpstart your sales. Easily overcome the fears and doubts people have around shopping locally. How to make it simple for people to purchase directly off social, without even having to go to your website

About Katie.
Katie Momo is a sales strategist responsible for her clients selling over 12 million dollars in online product (and counting!) – without being ‘salesy’.


Christina Ferreira
Impact Events +
Brand Management

During this half day workshop we will focus on learning how to grow your business as well as get your questions answered and engage in strong and useful conversation.

About Christina.
Christina has worked in events and brand management in the province of British Columbia for 18 years. With experience in tourism, hospitality with a focus on culinary and wine tourism. Beyond hospitality Christina’s company spends much time helping non profits raise much needed operating funds through annual campaings, has produced VIP events for residential developers and managed personal brands including election campaigns for municipal and federal election candidates.